Seminario Gerald McDermott: "Public-Private Institutions as the Foundations for Innovation and Firm Upgrading in Emerging Market Countries"


El pasado miércoles  6 de Abril , en las dependencias del Departamento de Administración, Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad de Chile, se llevó a cabo un workshop dirigido por el Académico McDermott, quien es Associate Professor, Department of International Business, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina & Senior Research Fellow, IAE Business School, Universidad Austral.  A este seminario asistieron académicos del mismo departamento como otros académicos invitados, pertenecientes a otras universidades.
En este ocasión, el profesor McDermott presentó acerca de "Public-Private Institutions as the Foundations for Innovation and Firm Upgrading in Emerging Market Countries" , la cual trata sobre "How can emerging market societies accelerate the ability of their firms to innovate and thus compete in international market in a sustainable fashion? Much of the work on this issue focuses on two ways that domestic firms can learn and improve their dynamic capabilities – via their ties to MNCs as suppliers or via their ties to one another in local cluster. These sources are not sufficient, as neither the critical knowledge nor the adequate learning relationships are forthcoming simply due to market or social forces. Instead, my research shows first how local firms need access to a variety of applied or experiential knowledge resources, not simply pioneering technology. Second, I find that certain public-private institutions can act as vital social and knowledge bridges to facilitate the creation and dissemination of such knowledge. These institutions, in turn, have the capacity to reshape the ties of old clusters and the relationships with MNCs. This talk offers a synthesis of research I have undertaken and completed over the past 10 years, and outlines the next stage of studies recently launched in several industries across several Latin American countries".

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