AFP Innova: competing in a tender for new affiliates

J. Internacional: AFP Innova: competing in a tender for new affiliates


2012 - Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies - Vol. 2, N° 7, Pp 1-8


Title – AFP Innova: competing in a tender for new affiliates.

Subject area – The concepts of customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer equity (CE).

Study level/applicability – BA, MBA, MSc courses: customer equity, marketing metrics, marketing plan, marketing research. Because students are asked to complete a customer lifetime value analysis based on a range of financial and non-financial data, students will need at least a modest level of proficiency in dealing with a few basic financial accounting concepts.

Case overview – In Chile, a law passed in 2008 introduced a bidding process to be held every 24 months in the pension industry. The tender mechanism was introduced as part of a reform aimed at reducing the commissions charged by pension fund administrators and at making it easier for new players to enter the market. In early 2009, Daniel Ugarte wondered if it was finally the right time for his firm to enter the pension industry. Ugarte was asked by the board to help chart a direction for the firm. The winning criterion was the lowest management fee (commission) paid by the affiliates. The main focus of the case is a quantitative assignment that asks students to calculate how customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer equity (CE) would be affected by the commission offered.

Expected learning outcomes – These include: understanding the concepts of customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer equity (CE) and the importance of maximizing a customer's lifetime value for the firm by calculating the CLV and the CE based on a combination of financial and non-financial data.


Customer equity, Customer lifetime value, Pensions industry, Customer retention, Customer loyalty, Financial management, Finance and accounting.

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