Logo Selection and Modification Guidelines: an empirical international validation in Chile

J. Nacional: Logo Selection and Modification Guidelines: an empirical international validation in Chile


2007 - Revista Estudio de Administración - Vol. 14 N°1 , Pp. 23-45


Logo selection and modification is a common marketing practice; brand managers and other marketing executives will normally face these kinds of decisions. However, logo design and modification have been largely neglected in the marketing literature. Few studies have empirically tested the effects of logo design characteristics on consumer responses (see Henderson and Cote 1998). In this paper, we set out to extend this research and guidelines to an international setting. This is thought to be particularly important, because in today’s environment, brand strategy decisions often need to take into consideration the potential of expanding and competing globally, and brand elements can be perceived quite differently. In particular, our study replicates the cited work in a developing Latin-American country (i.e., Chile), to test the cross-cultural relevance and stability of US-based logo guidelines in the context of a developing Latin-American nation with a vibrant marketplace.


Logos, Brands, Symbols, Latin America, Chile.

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