Capítulo Informe de Competitividad en Chile. En IMD (Ed.) World Competitiveness Year Book IMD

Cap. Libro y Libros: Capítulo Informe de Competitividad en Chile. En IMD (Ed.) World Competitiveness Year Book IMD


2012 - IMD, Suiza - 24thEdition, 2012, Pp. 90-93


Prosperity is the ultimate objective of a nation. It has two components an economic one which depends on factors such as GDP growth, industrial production or productivity, and a non-eco-nomic one which comprises such issues as security, quality of life, environmental protection or sustainable development.

Competitiveness encompasses all these aspects – economic and no-economic – to assess the performance of a nation.  In short, It can be defined as the ability of a country to manage a total-ity of resources (such as commodities) and competencies (such as education) to reach a goal of prosperity.  Some nations are doing better than others, some have a long history, and others have just joined the race.

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) has been a pioneer in assessing world competitiveness since 1989.  The WCY provides a long term and measured assessment of the performance of 59 countries through 329 criteria.  It relies on an exceptional network of 54 partner institutes worldwide.

In  the end, the WCY constitutes an irreplaceable mapping process which highlights the ranking and the competitiveness profile of some of the most competitive nations in the world.  Over the years, it has gained and unmatched reputation in providing reliable and objective information for sound decision-making in government and business.


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