The Tabloidization of British Tabloids

ISI: The Tabloidization of British Tabloids


2004 - European Journal of Communication - Vol. 19, Nº 3, Pp 387-402


This research presents a content analysis of the major British tabloids over the last decade of the 20th century. Using the conceptual lens of tabloidization and the framework of McLachlan and Golding, this study shows that the coverage of tabloids can be characterized by a dominance of ‘soft’ and home stories, by a significant presence of headlines and visuals and a personalized angle of coverage. Over time, the coverage has become more ‘tabloidized’ in its form and style, but has remained constant in its range of contents. Theoretically, the results indicate that the evolution of tabloid coverage has been heterogeneous, which supports the idea that the press can be in a process of homogenization only in the areas of form and style of coverage, but not in terms of range of content. Moreover, these changes suggest that tabloidization (as a feature directly related to tabloids) should not be considered a static concept.


Content analysis, homogenization, infotainment, polarization, tabloidization. 

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