Separate and joint effects of Advertising and Placement

ISI: Separate and joint effects of Advertising and Placement


2016 - Journal Business Research - Vol. 69. Pp. 459–465


This study explores the effects of the use of single- and multiple-tool campaigns (advertising only, brand placement only, and advertising plus brand placement) on consumer responses, which has not been explored with adult audiences in previous research. Specifically, this paper examines these responses in terms of brand awareness (TOM and total unaided recall), brand attitude, and purchase intention. The study results only show differences between exposure to advertising- or placement-only conditions and the control group in the case of brand recall (no differences were detected in the case of brand attitude or purchase intention). As was found in a previous study incorporating brand placement (van Reijmersdal, 2011), this paper cannot demonstrate the existence of synergy in the joint use of placement and advertising in the three dependent variables examined. The main implication of this study is to reinforce the relevance of advertising as promotional tool, particularly in order to increase brand awareness and proposes that if a company wants to use a placement, this kind of passive type seems not to be advisable.


Advertising, placement, recall, brand attitude, synergy, IMC

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