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2014 - Chapter 7 - Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the wine Industry - Editorial Pearson. Pp 85


Entrepreneurs have been key participants in the development of the Wine Industry for many years. From Veuve Pommery in the 1800s in Champagne to Robert Mondavi the 1960s in California, the history of wine is strongly linked to successful entrepreneurs.  In this chapter, we will review the concept of entrepreneurship and the role of leardship in the development of new wine firms. A few case studies showing some examples of entrepreneurship are also presented.

Traditionally, the wine industry differentiates two zones of production: The “Old World” (Europe) and the “New World” (California, Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa). World wine involves competition from firms in both zones, but industry structure in each country varies from highly-fragmented to highly-concentrated. For example the French wine industry is an example of a highly fragmented industry. There are 85,000 independent French wine firms located within nine wine regions of France: Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Alsace, Languedoc/Roussillon, and the Provence. Most old-world countries have similar fragmented industries. In contrast, new-world countries have more concentrated industries. In Australia, four large wine firms account for almost 80% of the wine produced (Remaud and Couderc, 2006).

On the other hand, ownership structures also differ within countries. Approximately 50% of the wine produced in France comes from 700 cooperatives (Remaud and Couderc ,2006). In contrast, the largest wine firms in Australia and Chile are public companies whose shares trade in their stock markets. However, these firms share something in common: their origins are related to the vision of an entrepreneur who decided to produce wine in a novel way. In this chapter we briefly explain the current competitive landscape (industry structure and strategies) to contextualize the role of entrepreneurs nowadays before we explain what entrepreneurship is and the role of leaders in these wine firms.


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