IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook

Cap. Libro y Libros: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook


2015 - IMD World Competitiveness Center - 27th Edition, 2015, Pp. 62 - 65


In the past year, the dynamism of competitiveness kept our research on its "toes". Therefore in this edition of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, we begin the process of revisiting the fundamentals of the competitiveness conceptual framework aiming to strengthen our ground-breaking research. We this introduce a revised understanding of competitiveness to reflect the extent to wich countries are able to provide a context wherein businesses can achieve sustainable value creation.

We are admittedly at the initial stages of the process. The re-evaluation of our current understanding of competitiveness-related tenets will be gradual. We nevertheless consider that the pay-off of our endeavour will be a more "measurable" conception of competitiveness and the development of more accurate instruments to assess it. 

This edition of the Yearbook, in addition, incorporates Mongolia and expands the number of criteria to accommodate new aspects of competitiveness. In thus assesses the competitiveness of 61 countries employing over 340 criteria. Our partnership with 55-strong network of Partner Institutes underlines the reliability of the data we employ and the relevance of our research. 

This year´s results show a considerable impact of business efficiency. The competitiveness of countries is thus greatly correlated to the ability of enterprises to remain profitable over time. At the same time, businesses´maximization of the positive externalities originating in their activities bolsters their long-term profitability. Those externalities include, for example, minimizing any environmental impact and providing an organizational context that enables their workforce to thrive. 

We eould like to reiterate our commitment to the continuous strrengthening of the IMD World Competitiveness Center´s research strategy and methodology. Our objective in doing so is to contribute to furthering our knowledge of what drives the prosperity of countries. 


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