Does Customer Value-oriented Management Influence Financial Results? A Supplier's Perspective

J. Internacional: Does Customer Value-oriented Management Influence Financial Results? A Supplier's Perspective


2017 - Innovar - Vol. 27, Nº 63, Pp 29 - 41


This research contributes with a theoretical and practical vision of the new perspective of Customer Value Management (cm) and its business implications. In fact, the purpose is to test the influence of cm on Financial Results through Maret Share (ms), Gross Margin (m) and Return on Euity (re). The approach used to test such influence was an empirical study with data from 107 sales executives at one of the largest bans in Chile. Results support the hypotheses that cm would have a positive influence on retention rates as well as optimize the costs of acuiring clients and the income generated by customers. The study also establishes the influence cm has on the financial results of the company. This paper expands existing research by examining the relationship between Customer Value-oriented Management and organizational results. To assess organizational results, relevant financial ratios that are useful when evaluating the financial performance of a company were used. Results also point that in order to maintain a good level of trust, companies need to achieve a good level of communication with their clients, which is particularly important since high cm might be necessary for a firm to develop long-term relationships with customers and achieve sustainable sales growth.


Customer Value-oriented Management, financial results, baning sector. 

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