Industrial Marketing Research. A Bibliometric Analysis (1990-2015)

ISI: Industrial Marketing Research. A Bibliometric Analysis (1990-2015)


2018 - Forthcoming - Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing


The main aims of this study is to provide an overview of the productivity and the influence that bring the most important countries and universities to Industrial Marketing Research. The object is to develop rankings on relevant performance within the field through the implementation of a Bibliometric methodology. This study explores the analysis of Marketing B2B obtained from Web of Science (WoS) during the periods 1990 till 2015.    It is worth mentioning that the main limitation of the study lies within the process of classifying the information since the source originates from WoS. Moreover, in order to provide a comprehensive scenario, other factors could have potentially been considered such as the editor’s commitment to leading journals as well as to partnerships and conferences. The aim of this study is to examine the current information found in WoS, related to B2B Marketing research, although critical information has been omitted due to the fact that it is not included in this specific database. 


Marketing b2b, Country Rankings, university rankings, bibliometrics

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