A bibliometric analysis of venture capital research

J. Internacional: A bibliometric analysis of venture capital research


2018 - Forthcoming - Journal of Economics Finance and Administrative Science


There are different instruments, both public and private, which support the development and growth of new enterprises through the provision of financial resources. Venture Capital (VC) is included among these instruments, which not only provides financial support for business growth, but also offers business expertise, customer networks and good management practices (Gompers and Lerner, 2006; Gompers et al., 2008; Dushnitsky and Lenox, 2006; Hochberg et al., 2010). According to Cornelius and Persson (2006), venture capitalists are financial intermediaries who collect excess capital from those who have it, and provide it to those who require it for the development of a business venture. Although a considerable amount of literature has been published on specific topics about VC in the last 10 years (Jääskeläinen, 2012), there are few studies that have analyzed VC research from a bibliometric analysis perspective (Cornelius and Persson, 2006). In this decade, there are no new papers that present the evolution of venture capital research. This is the aim of our paper.


Venture Capital, Bibliometrics, Journals, Web of Science 

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