A systemic and strategic approach for training needs analysis for the International Bank

ISI: A systemic and strategic approach for training needs analysis for the International Bank


2019 - Forthcoming - Journal of Business Research


The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process is essential for identifying issues with organizational and individual performance and their possible causes. Previous TNA theoretical models tend to be limited when it comes to considering factors that affect performance, but cannot be addressed through training and are not clear on how to combine the “big data” of HRM. They also propose data collection methods that are limited in coverage and time-demanding. This research takes a case study approach that seeks to explain how this procedure is carried out at the International Bank. It challenges the extent to which the TNA is aligned with the organization's objectives and people's performance. As a result, this research proposes an improved and comprehensive TNA model, which places strategic goals instead of competence analysis at the core of the TNA to close performance gaps. The new TNA process takes a data analytics approach from several Human Resource Management (HRM) processes to improve the connection between training needs and business priorities with optimal organizational performance. Additionally, the in-depth performance and competence data analytics review proposes a flowchart of other personnel development processes that are oftentimes wrongly achieved through training.


Training needs analysisPerformance improvementStrategic human resource managementBusiness strategyBanking industry

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