Organizational Capabilities, Value Cocreation, and Marketing Innovation: How Well Are We Prepared to Face Future Challenges?

Cap. Libro y Libros: Organizational Capabilities, Value Cocreation, and Marketing Innovation: How Well Are We Prepared to Face Future Challenges?


2019 - Sales Management-A Modern Perspective


The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the importance of management and strategic development, as well as network management and market orientation, in the results of innovation in marketing and collaboration of companies. In addition, the authors analyze how collaboration with other agents of interest is fundamental for the change of projects to have strategic impact, that is, for there to be a relation- ship between the development efforts of the area and the results of the business. Hence, the relevance of business models and the existence of dynamic capabilities to create value to the organization, the client, and society are analyzed. Coupled with the authors’ empirical examination of the degree of collaboration that Chilean industrial companies have achieved, the main contributions of this chapter are (1) an explanatory study that provides a systematic analysis of literature regarding innovation organizational capabilities; (2) identification of three aspects of structure of a company’s network, market orientation, and strategic develop- ment, which are relevant to consider when establishing superior performance; and (3) generation of empirical evidence through a study applied to companies of the business-to-business sector in Chile using a self-administered survey method and presentation of results at the variable level.


Organizational capability, marketing innovation, collaboration, market orientation, value cocreation

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