Capítulo Informe de Competitividad en Chile. En IMD (Ed.) World Competitiveness Year Book IMD.

Cap. Libro y Libros: Capítulo Informe de Competitividad en Chile. En IMD (Ed.) World Competitiveness Year Book IMD.


2009 - IMD, Suiza - IMD, Suiza, 21th Edition, Pp.88-91.


Over two decades, IMD has pioneered research in competitiveness, ranking and analyzing the 57 most competitive economies in the world. With this year´s dramatic economic changes, the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2009 provides one of earliest global assessments of the competitiveness landscape that emerges from the crisis and how it affects nations and enterprises.

Based on more than 300 criteria, the WCY offers a unique and comprehensive appraisal of competitiveness, emphasizing hard, quantificable statistics that represent 2/3 of the overall ranking. These statistics are then complemented by survey opinion data that show present and future perceptions of competitiveness issues. 

IMD is grateful for the invaluable contribution of its 54 Partner Institutes worldwide, helping to guarantee complete, up-to-date and reliable data.

In these turbulent times, sound decisiones need - more than ever - to be based on sound facts!


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