Technological reflectiveness from a managerial capability perspective

ISI: Technological reflectiveness from a managerial capability perspective


2018 - Technological Forecasting & Social Change - Volume 134, September 2018, Pages 84-97


The purpose of this research is to analyze how managers reflect on technological shifts when they recognize opportunities to innovate in their organizations. We conceptualize that a deliberated reflection of technological shifts enhances the manager's disposition for promoting the use of new technological releases in the development of innovation processes. We obtain evidence supporting that reflection on technological shifts mediates the relationship between managerial perception and their subsequent intentions to accept a new technology. We test our hypotheses using the Partial Least Squares method in a sample of 161 interviewees with a technological background. Our results suggest that when managers reflect on technological shifts, they enhance the individual's capacity to sense opportunities in technological environments, such as Internet-based channels.


Technological reflectiveness; Technology acceptance; Partial least squares

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