El Profesor Pedro Hidalgo, Director del Departamento de Administración y Negocios de la Facultad de Economía y Negocios de la Universidad de Chile, los invita a participar de nuestro ciclo mensual de Seminarios. En esta oportunidad el tema a conversar estará enfocado en “The Service Analytics" y lo dictará el profesor Dr. Terry Connolly, University of Manchester, Inglaterra.

Este Seminario se llevará a cabo el día miércoles 15 de enero 2014 a las 11:00 hrs. en Diagonal Paraguay 257, Piso 10, Sala 1002, Torre 26, Santiago.

Les comparto un resumen de las principales ideas del Seminario de Babis:


“With the increasing importance of services in the global economy, researchers have been advocating the development of a new discipline, service science, to address the challenges in understanding the fundamentals of business and public administration services and developing appropriate theories, techniques and tools.

The impact of the internet and the technological innovations in intelligent devices has increased dramatically the amount of available data that are available about how services are produced, transferred and consumed. Whilst, in certain service areas the impact has been relatively small, there are a number of service activities and processes where the impact has been substantial.

The Service Analytics session will address the challenges of uncovering useful information from service-related data through the use of techniques from knowledge discovery areas such as data mining, text mining, web mining etc. Service analytics is a relatively new research area but it is expected to play a very important role in the development of service science in the context of developed countries as in Latin America but also globally.

The Service Analytics panel will discuss empirical findings, methodological approaches, and theoretical and conceptual insights related to knowledge discovery in business and public administration services".

Babis Theodoulidis, He is a Director of the Centre for Service Research at the University of Manchester and holds the position of Associate Professor at Manchester Business School. Previously, he was senior lecturer at the School of Informatics, UMIST and he has been a visiting fellow at the University of Surrey, UK and visiting professor at the Athens University of Business and Economics, Greece. He is also currently a member of the SRII Global Leadership Team.

Babis is a member of the editorial board of Information Systems and e-Business Management Journal and previously of the Journal of Database Management. He has published extensively over 150 refereed journal and conference articles) and his research work (as Principal or CoInvestigator) has received funding of over 4m from UK and European funding bodies over the last 12 years. During this time, he has successfully supervised 20 PhD theses and over 20 MPhil theses. Main research areas: modelling, analysis and management of service systems. In particular, he investigates the design of service-based information systems, the temporal and spatial aspects of information, the analysis of information using data and text mining techniques (service analytics) with focus on customer analytics, the visualisation of information, and service information management issues within organisations such as information retention, audit and ownership. Over the recent years, he has investigated information management issues within financial markets and especially, the role of algorithmic trading and high frequency trading and their implications. He has also investigated information management issues within the context of marketing and especially, customer feedback management.


  • Diciembre - Tercer Miércoles: 16 de diciembre 2015.
    • Área: Gestión de Personas / Management
    • Expositor/Tema: Daniel Schwartz, DII Universidad de Chile


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